The life in Dubai is full of luxury, so there is a constant influx of people who want to live and work there. However, with all the luxury they want, they are still willing to live in a shared apartment, and people can go as far as sharing a bed if the bedroom is too expensive for them. There are reasons why people choose shared apartments in Dubai, especially for monetary. Whatever the reason, this can not happen if the room is going to be shared by 2 people of the opposite sex that are not married. It is necessary to research more on this, as it is illegal.

People come across other strangers from all around the world by sharing private living space, and this is not the easiest kind of life as things can go horribly wrong if you run into the wrong person. Many people are desperate to find a cheap place to rent, so they don’t have the time to find out the kind of person they are going to be living with. But this is important because you are going to be spending most of your time around them.

People now put up their advertisements using certain personality requirements and search criteria like vegetarian only, bachelor only, or working lady only. So if you are searching for a shared apartment, you must be sure you meet those criterion. The last thing you should be aware of if you moving into a new apartment, is that subletting is illegal, but will not be an issue if done with landlord’s consent. The same goes for shared housing for people of the same sex. You must know that shared living is not always a miserable experience. Some people get very lucky while others just aren’t that lucky. Either way, you must deal with whoever you find yourself with, appropriately.