If there’s one place in teE world that has amazing options on where to live, that place is Dubai. Also the fact that housing there will be expensive, is also true. You need to be careful when renting an apartment in a country like Dubai, which is why you must understand some of the key points about renting before you proceed.

Dubai is a combination of smaller cities linked together by giant highways, so before deciding where to live in, especially as a first timer, things like distance to work, the level of traffic in the area, and public transport must be considered. One tip for those that hate traffic and can not sit for a long time in traffic, is that you should find an apartment in an area that has more than one way in and out.

First you must search apartment listing on websites, and once you find a property you like, you must negotiate with the agent or landlord. You can try different properties and landlords to get the best price. Any area you decide to live in has its pros and cons, and it also depends what type of lifestyle you want.

If you choose the suburbia, or the estates, they all have different things to offer in terms of leisure and other facilities like the beach, shops, parks, restaurants, doctors, and coffee shops. If you find a place that you are satisfied with, and you are convinced you are not being scammed, then you may sign and hand over the rent cheques. Make sure you receive invoices for the same. The contract must comply with the tenancy laws in Dubai. Your rights as a tenant are not legally protected until you register your tenancy contract with Ejari to protect them. Landlords cannot increase your rent randomly.