Every item in your house is significant to you in one way or the other, and therefore deserve maximum protection. You probably also have furniture that you never want to do away with. Maybe a heirloom or trophy and many such items. So you will need a comprehensive and trouble free service if you are going to move these items with you to your new home or office in Dubai. This kind of service is best left to professionals so as to prevent damages since there is so much hassle attached to packing precious belongings safely.

Phoenix Worldwide Movers is the moving company you should contact. They are in the business of removal and packing, and are specialized in both domestic and International moving activities. They understand the language of packing and scheduling, and can give you a complete packing solution. They have professionals who are experts in treating your property with respect. They give special attention to every piece of delicate furniture and items when packing in crates.

They coordinate and arrange your move to make sure nothing goes missing. All you need to do is make sure you are available, either by phone or over the internet. Make sure all fixed items such as towel rails or inbuilt furniture have been detached before the movers’ arrival, and dismantle fitted carpets as well. If this will cause you too much trouble, then you will be provided with handymen to do the job for you at a small added cost.

Their meticulous service have gained them a long and successful history in the moving world. This has set them apart from many other movers. They recently added a new division called Phoenix Relocations to the Phoenix Shipping LLC family. This division is headed by some of their well experienced team of professionals.