Before the moving company arrives, you should start the moving preparations well in advance to avoid too much trouble for both you and the moving company. You must decide what items you want to bring and don’t want to bring, and sell the rest. There are a number of things you can do that can speed up the moving process and minimize the risk of damages and problems. With these steps, you will know exactly how to prepare.

  • If you don’t want to get stuck in the last minute rush trying to pack everything and move on the same day, then you should take your time and do all the packing before the moving day.
  • Add a code to your boxes by using different colours, and group them together as this will make unpacking easy. Different colours can represent different rooms. Create an inventory for electronics and appliances and label everything accordingly. If you want to save money on boxes, you can go to grocery stores and find free boxes. You can also transport heavy items by putting them inside suitcases.
  • Your important documents should stay tightly with you. Put them in a file and hold them close. Items like passports can always come in handy, and there’s a risk of losing such items, so keep them separately.
  • Children and pets should be left with a babysitter while the packing process is going on to avoid any setbacks.

You should know that after a long day of moving, most of your items are probably not unpacked yet, so this is why you must pack a bag and extra supplies for the first night. You are likely not going to go through all of your boxes to find your essentials. Your overnight bag should contain your toiletries and outfits, for the first night and next day.