New and smaller companies are coming into the packing business in Dubai every year since there is no restrictions and starting is relatively cheap. These small and new companies are everywhere and you do not have to underestimate them, because they can surprise you with their service. You only need to verify their claims to providing a good service and being registered so as to avoid any confusion later. There are many ways to check if a company is genuine and the most important one is to ask the movers to show you their certificate, trade license, and other relevant documents. The following items must be in place before you can hire any moving company;

  • They must have an expertise in International business.
  • They must have accreditation worldwide like the ISO 9001, IAM, ISO 14001, OSHAS and 18001. This accreditation will give you assurance that your goods will reach you safely.
  • The movers must provide the ISO Certified Quotation. This quote tells you what is included and what is excluded in the service.
  • Makes sure you are getting all the services you need like assembling of furniture, unpacking and removal of debris.
  • Hidden charges may also occur, so you need to reconfirm all the information about the hidden charges which may occur while you plan your move.
  • Some of the best companies in Dubai will ensure that you get the correct and full information of their services on your first call. Also, they expect you to give them accurate information. This is why you should research into your destination as much as you can. Know more about the location where you are going to reside.
  • Checking how they are going to transport your goods is also important, but not a big issue because even big packers may run out of trucks in high season and may need to hire.